Core Shell Rubber Kane Ace MX

Le 01 mai 2015

KANEKA and FORMULANCE partnership in France for marketing and sales of Thermoset Tougheners Kane Ace MX products.

KANEKA Corporation is a Japanese multinational company, founded in 1949, with worldwide facilities and Heaquarters located in Osaka and Tokyo.
With more than 9000 employees around the world, KANEKA imagines and manufactures products for a better future:

"Kaneka, Toward an Even More Impressive and Productive Future"

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FORMULANCE, Headquartered in Lyon - France, specializes in development and sales of technical raw materials for industrial applications and medical implantable devices.
Thanks for our strong partnerships established with major producers worldwide, we offer to our customers very unique products to improve their formulated products.
Our main markets are CASE, rubbers, technical and high performance plastics, detergency and cosmetics and of course medical implantable USP VI polymers and tubings.

For more information, please contact:

132 rue de Sèze - BP 16063
69412 Lyon Cedex 06
Tel: +33.(0)