FormuGlass® FT High Performance Flat Glass

Le 22 novembre 2017

FormuGlass® FT is a reference borosilicate flat glass for medical and high end applications. It offers a unique combination of key properties corresponding to the most demanding applications:
- highest transmittance and outstanding optical parameters
- excellent flatness
- superior thermal, chemical and mechanical feature

Application examples:
- Optics and optoelectronics
- Medical devices (including analytical and treatment devices) and biotechs
- Analytical equipment
- Photonics and Photovoltaics

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FORMULANCE, Headquartered in Lyon - France, specializes in development and sales of technical raw materials for industrial applications and medical implantable devices.
Thanks for our strong partnerships established with major producers worldwide, we offer to our customers very unique products to improve their formulated products.
Our main markets are CASE, rubbers, technical and high performance plastics, detergency and cosmetics and of course medical implantable USP VI polymers and tubings.


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