Le Groupe Formulance est spécialisé dans la commercialisation de matières premières pour les produits formulés.
En relation étroite avec les plus grands acteurs internationaux de la chimie de spécialité, nous distribuons des produits innovants destinés à résoudre vos problématiques techniques et améliorer la formulation de vos produits.








  VANORA has many years of experience in developing innovative specialty binders for the paint and coatings industry in Europe. Because we have all binder combinations in-house and know the properties and strengths of each technology, they are tailor-made for each application. VANORA’s main focus is on the development of highly water proof VeoVa/Acrylate.

Extract of the various technology possibilities of VANORA: 
  • VeoVa/Acrylic
  • Acrylic
  • VeoVa/Acrylic/Vinylacetate
  • VeoVa/Vinylacetate



  Kane Ace MX is Kaneka’s novel Core Shell Rubber (CSR) toughening system for thermoset resins. It is a predispersed CSR Masterbatch which enhances the physical properties of the resins through optimal dispersion of core-shell particles.

The revolutionary liquid impact modifiers of Kane Ace MX achieve highly improved strength, improved fracture toughness
and endurance without losing the heat resistant characteristics of thermoset resins. 


  lsoter products are polyether polyols used in the formulations of systems for PU rigid foam production.

The wide range of grades available allows the selection of the more appropriate type according to the blowing agents used in the system and the final foam properties desired. Isoter have been obtained by designing molecular weights and functionalities in order to satisfy the need of the specific application in terms of process and system performance. The relative foams show very good physical-mechanical properties mainly as far as dimensional stability and adhesion are concerned.

lsoter are very compatible vs. lsoexter therefore it is possible to formulate systems combining the best properties of the two products families.

In the lsoter family there are self-reactive grades recommended as co-polyol in order to obtain the desired reaction profile and curing of the system in the various conditions of application.


  Liquid Polybutadienes Nisso-PB have been derived by living anionic polymerization applied to butadiene.
Homopolymers, copolymers and block copolymers have been produced with a very narrow polydispersion under control of molecular weight and high purity.
The main feature of NISSO-PB grades is their very high 1,2-vinyl content; this makes these grades unique on the polybutadiene market. 


  To best meet the various expectations of our customers, depending on their field of expertise, we propose a range of pigments, iron oxides and organic pigments, in standard and micronized versions. Our pigments are recognized for their excellent stability, light fastness, chemical resistance and weather stability. They are used for a large variety of application such as asphalt, laminate, mortar, stones, cement, bricks, roofing, paper, glazes plasters, ceramic, engobes, packagings, coatings, plastics, automotive, corrosion protection, masterbaches, wood, laminate, decorative paints or flooring.
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